Location permission not working

My App/Pages support link:

Describe the bug:
Location permissions not working for multiple users on different devices despite having gps set to ON on their phones and accepting the Glide permission to use their location. Map tab still saying, “there are no items here” and ‘distance to user’ visibilities and filters also not working. This is not happening on my devise, but it is for several others.

example of user giving permission, map doesn’t work, and profiles don’t display distance

And another screen shot:

Expected behavior:
Location access granted and map and distance filters work

How to replicate:
Go to https://ververy.app
Grant access to location
Check to see if profiles on the ‘salons tab’ have distance to user working
Check ‘filter salons’ tab and ‘find pros’ tab to see profiles are listed in order of distance to you
Check map to see if it’s working

Link to demo recording:
don’t have video available, just pictures

Anyone? @Darren_Murphy @ThinhDinh @Jeff_Hager have you guys run into this at all?

The majority of people I’ve asked have now told me that the map is not working. The only ones who seem to be able to see it are established users, regardless of device. This leads me to believe the location permission is not working for new users.

Sorry, I haven’t done a lot with maps in Glide, so I don’t think I can help with this one.