Problem with map view

My app is hyper focused on the Greater Boston area and the map is ideally supposed to look like this:

But if one person creates an account and doesn’t properly put in the city and state, it screws up the entire map for everyone

Is there anything that can be done about this? I feel like there should be something! Like have the map view automatically show the area local to you, especially because glide requests your location anyway.

I’d probably use a distance column to calculate the user’s current distance to each locate, then filter your map so only the ones within 100 miles are shown.

Or create a template column with coordinates for the central location in Boston. The use a distance column to calculate the distance between that default set of coordinates, and the location of each point. Then filter the map to only show pins within 100 miles.


So those are professionals on your app and you want to show them in a map view for normal users?

Are they all in the same city & state? I think you can force the state to be the same if they’re in the same state?

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Hi Jeff! Brilliant, I had no idea that you could filter the view like that. Currently I have one map filter, which is saying that it’s showing the combined data of 2 different sheets that I merged together to populate on the map.

So it looks like I don’t have any columns in my “Users” table for distance. I only have columns in my Pro and Salon tables for relating to the user.

So I assume for this I would want to make a new distance column for the users tab, but not sure how to go about it?

I did consider that because currently they are all in MA, but I would like to be able to expand beyond that, so I wanted to try to find a solution that would ideally relate to the user!

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Since you already have a distance column to measure the distance from each user to each salon, could you just use that and add another filter to your list that checks that column and only shows salons within a certain distance? I don’t think you would have to use the users sheet for this, unless the user is specifying a specific location to base there search off of. In that case, they could enter a location in there user profile, and then you could bring the location from the user profile into your professionals table using a single value column, and then create a new distance column that compares salon location to the single value location.


So I think I need to make a new distance column actually because my current map filter is pulling from the “salons and professionals” table which is the combined view of both tables so my subsequent filter would have to pull from the same table I believe?

So I just tried that and I think it works! Tested a bunch of distances.

Now I just need to make sure that if someone doesn’t have their location on that it won’t make the map go blank. I don’t care if the visibility condition doesn’t work, I just don’t want it to look like the tab doesn’t work! Will test. Thanks so much!!

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