Many to many with pivot table with condition on pivot table's value

So I have 3 sheets here

I would like to access store 1 -> * stocks.sku through pivot table and filter by handling flag = 1.

It is very simple many to many relation in RDB concept,
but Im struggling to implement this with Glide relation feature, any help?

So the result would be only the first row in the pivot table?

I want all the correspondent rows in pivot table where handling = 1

I don’t know if I understand completely, but if you do a Relation Store - store1 > store_stock_handling - Store the result in handling column will be 1 and 0 (first and second row correspondent in Pivot Table)

Is this what you need?

First, I want Store store1 -> store_stock_handling.stock1, stock2 (regardless of the value in handling is 1 or 0, I want all relational stocks from store1)

And then filter them by handling = 1.

Sounds simple enough. A relation column to link the store in the Stores sheet to the store in the Handling sheet will give you all matches for each store. When you display that relation as a list, you can then set a filter on that list to only show the rows that have handling of 1.

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