Comparing and filtering from multiple sheets

So i have multiple sheets containing Stores, Products, Offers… Currently they are unrelated. What i want is to reference data in sheets with each other. For Example, i have a IsEnabled flag in each sheet. So if any Store is disabled it should also be then hidden from Products, Offers.
I have coupon code in Coupons sheet so i should be able to fetch it for particular Store when i display detail screen of that Store from Stores list or in Offer’s or Deal’s section.

What will be best practice/mechanism to follow for this?

Have you explored setting up relation and lookup columns? For example, I assume you have a store name in you products sheet. There you can create a single relation to link the store name in products to the store name in Stores. Then you can create a lookup column that brings the isEnabled flag into the products sheet. There you can use it for filtering and visibility wherever you display products in your app.

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I think this solves my purpose :+1: but will playaround with this for sometime to be sure it fits my requirement.

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