Multiple Relations Road block

Hi there,

Hoping someone can help me. I’ve searched and read through the different many-to-many relation threads, but don’t think I’ve found the perfect answer yet.

I’m building an app with three different relations:

  • Products
  • Manufacturers
  • Shops

Multiple products belong to a single manufacturer, multiple shops carry multiple products. I’d like it so a user could view products, clicking a product would allow them to navigate to the manufacturer page to see other products they carry, but also view shops that carry that product.

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

I’m assuming the Manufacturers sheet is just a list of manufactures and the Products sheet is a list of products with a column that contains the manufacturer. How is your Shops sheet structured? Is it a list of products and shops? To me it seems that you should have a forth sheet which lists the shop in one column and the product in the other.

So the shops sheet is the one I’m struggling with. I assume I could have it so the shops sheet has a single row for each product the shop sells?

Shop A, Product A
Shop A, Product B
Shop A, Product C

It seemed like overkill, but maybe that is the easiest way tackle this.

That’s how I am picturing it for the fourth sheet.

Assuming that you set it up like that, then you will first need a single relation on your product sheet to link the product manufacturer to the manufacturer on the Manufacturers sheet.
Next set up a multiple relation to link the product on the product sheet to the product in the ShopProduct sheet.
Create a lookup column that uses the product relation to pull back a list of shops in the ShopProduct sheet.
Create another multiple relation column that uses the array of shops in the lookup column to link to the shops in the Shops sheet.
You can then use the first and third relation column you created to list the manufacturer and Other shops that carry that product.

You might want to consider some sort of unique ID for each shop, product and manufacturer.

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Thanks for the feedback. This is great! I’ll play around with this structure and follow up if I have any issues. Thanks again for taking the time.

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