Linking mutiple items to multiple items

Hi fellow Gliders,

I want to link multiple items from one tab of a sheet to multiple items from another tab of the same sheet. I tried using relations & multiple relations but was unable to figure out a way to do so.
For example: One tab has a list of colors (red, blue, green) and the other tab has a list of shirts. The behavior that I want to create is that on the UI I want to show the list of colors followed by list of shirts. When I click on ‘red’ then all the shirts having those colors should list down. When I click on any of the ‘shirts’ then all the colors of that particular shirt should list down.

Can you please help me with this?


In your shirts table, how do you identify the colour of each shirt?
Is there a column that identifies the colour?

Yes in the Shirts table there are multiple columns for the color of that shirt. For example if a shirt has 3 Colors then red, white and black are listed in unique columns against that single row.

And in the Colors table I have listed down each shirt in a separate column against a particular color.

That’s not a good way to do it, and will be quite difficult to work with.
You’d be much better off using a single column for the available colours. Something like the following:

Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 2.25.02 PM

Again, not good. Better to just list all the colours in a single column, like so:

Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 2.28.36 PM

Using the above, to get a list of shirts for each colour:

  • In the Shirts table, create a Split Text column from the Colours column. This will result in an array of colours for each shirt.
  • In the Colours table, create a multiple relation column that matches each Colour to the array of Colours in the Shirts table.

Thanks Darren Murphy, this sounds good for structuring the data. I did as you instructed but I am now struggling with how to show it on the UI.
When I click on a shirt, it should list down the colors it has on a new page where the shirt name will be mentioned at the top and then the list of it’s colors shown below it.

Also, if I click on a color then a new page should list down all the shirts mapped to it.

Thanks in advance for your time and efforts, really appreciate it.