Help please, In google sheet database, I have 2 sheets


I am creating a marketplace.

In the marketplace there are different stores.

The user decides in which store to buy.

Each store has contact information, such as address, telephone, whatsapp.

In google sheet database, I have 2 sheets.

One has the information of each store and I have called this sheet “stores”

And the other is the shopping cart, I have named this sheet “cart”

In the shopping cart I need to create a column that contains the WhatsApp of the store where the user is buying.

How can I bring the whatsapp number from the “stores” sheet and put it in the “cart”?

The first challenge I have is to recognize in which store the user is buying and depending on that information, enter the WhatsApp of the store in the “WhatsApp of the store” column located in the “cart” sheet.


use “relation”

I feel like there’s a missing table called “Items” here or is your “Stores” table actually containing “Items” as well?

Whatever is the case, if you are using a form for users to write their cart items into the “Cart” table, you can use a “special value” component in the form so that it automatically writes the stores’ ID or any unique info to the “Cart” table.

Then, you will use a relation to relate the store’s ID back to the “Stores” table and retrieve the WhatsApp link using a lookup column.

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