Manual Payments

Unable to upgrade coz the there is a restriction on cards in India for recurring payments to entities not registered with RBI here. So, my payment method is not being processed. Is there a manual option to make one time payments monthly ? or Paypal ?

Tagging @Manan_Mehta, who might be able to advise on this.

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Hey Abhishek, my Indian credit cards have been working fine.
I have one with Indusind bank, another with ICICI bank and I also have a RazorpayX Credit Card which allows international transactions.

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@Abhishek_Sinha try paying once with any of your cards that has international payments enabled. The next time, if the payment doesn’t go through, Glide will notify you to pay manually.

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@sardamit Mine not accepting on recurring USD transactions exceeding equivalent 5K INR. I tried all. My cards have international enabled and I am usually able to do one time payments and sometimes recurrent also but this is a subscription so there is a problem. The problem is there is no way to pay once.

@Abhishek_Sinha You can increase the limit in your credit cards dashboard. I use a credit card from ICICI and it allows me to increase the maximum limit with a vendor. Perhaps that could help?

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Yeah it could be a limit that’s set by default to 5k on your card. You might just have to change that.

Facing the same issue with both of my ICICI and HDFC cards. Unable to pay even once. Checked for any limits. HDFC doesn’t have the limit per vendor option at all. Overall limits are above the transaction amount.

The problem is with recurring payments. You need to pay once & then Glide Support marks it as pay by link rather than auto debit. But the issue is there is no option to pay once. Hope Glide finds a solution to a problem they didn’t create !

Hi Abhishek,

Facing the same issue! Found the solution yet?

Nopes. The only solution is pay once using a card issued outside India & then ask the support to mark it as manual payment.

This is what I did.

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