How to handle recurring or automated payments in Glide?

Hi hi! Here’s my use case:

I’ve been building a telemedicine app for remote covid testing using a network of trained call center agents
A User signs up, and can Take a Test - there is a video chat with an agent, then a bunch of things, and at the end the user gets a PDF certificate via email (and other goodies)

How can I handle pre-authorization to spend money on the individual tests?
—- a user has credit in the system as a concept - such as ‘credit for 4 tests’…. But what if they signs like to ‘top up’ without re-entering payment data?

More tricky:
A user could (soon) add additional users to their account (eg children)

  • the child would not pay themselves for the test and process, but use the parent account
    —— automated billing would be ideal

Or we might imagine a service:

  • a user buys a monthly subscription to use the service (say unlimited tests in a month if x euros)
  • how to handle this?

Any ideas on how to solve these challenges? Thanks!

And if anyone knows how to do, and has time, my project has budget! :star2:
…. And I need it in the next week or two :rocket:

Maybe PayHere integration instead of Stripe with the native Glide ‘stuff’…

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Interesting find from @Lisa

… I’m sleuthing through past posts on this (but I’ll need help to execute as I’ve other parts of the app to develop and integrate!)

It does look like PayHere could handle recurring payments but not necessarily automated repeat payments triggered by an event (ie the user pays each time they take a test… without having to input their info in each time) - is that right?

This looks like another interesting option: TillyPay

I will have corporate clients too so they would need to be invoiced later.

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Hi Mark,

You could autofill the email address and name of the user so that it’s not such a pain for the user to submit payment. I use the following template to pass the user’s email and name with Payhere: LXXX&disable_customer_fields=yes&custom_fields=AXXX


That’s definitely helpful - though the customer would still need to retype their payment info.

It is giving me ideas on a recurring payment model to subscribe to doing covid tests. Might be good money in that!

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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In recent months I have always used PayHere and the template Lisa shared above (in a construct URL column) to create dynamic subscription links.

Then I handle the data using an Integromat scenario for automatic updates to the Sheet.

As you have said, people would still need to re-enter their card info, but I think that’s the best we can do as of now.


Ditto. Construct URL for the win. I even found a way to use the donation link type to allow users to select multiple quantities of an item that get charged monthly (in app purchases, eg.)


You could use Thrivecart to handle recurring payments. It can connect to Google sheets…so to Glide. Use webview to embed the cart in Glide.
Thrivecart can connect to Stripe and other payment processors. No extra fee on transactions but costs 500 $ aprox. I have done it and works ok

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Hello Robert, it’s been over a year since this solution was set forth. Have you found anything new/improved?

Payhere is still the best solution I’ve come across: I’m working on a new video that outlines my new standard way of building these experiences.


An alternative we use nowadays at LowCode Agency is direct Stripe. They have a good API, just more layers than I would have liked.

Ya…I prefer no code and low maintenance.