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Robert, any idea how I could have a user input their URL (ex:https://app.payhere.co/business-name) and then “?customer_email=me@email.com&customer_name=MyName&disable_customer_fields=yes&custom_fields=eyJyYWZmbGVfaWQiOiAicS1XQkYtelpSMGFxaXVNRUdLZkxSdyJ9” is added to the back of it in another column, where I can then add a Template Column to feed the Doner’s Name and Email?

Column 1: User’s specific URL
Column 2: custom URL parameters
Column 3: User’s specific URL + URL parameters

I figured it out by adding an Array formula and it worked!

=arrayformula(if(O2:O="","",O2:O & “?customer_email=me@email.com&customer_name=MyName&disable_customer_fields=yes&custom_fields=eyJyYWZmbGVfaWQiOiAicS1XQkYtelpSMGFxaXVNRUdLZkxSdyJ9”))

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Template column within the builder?

This is how I did it:

Column 1: Link Column where a user can input their own donation URL via the Profile Form. (ex:https://app.payhere.co/business-name)

Column 2: In Google Sheet, I added an Array Formula which shows Empty if no link added or Concat Column 1 with Custom URL Parameters.
(ex: =arrayformula(if(O2:O="","",O2:O & “?customer_email=me@email.com&customer_name=MyName&disable_customer_fields=yes&custom_fields=eyJyYWZmbGVfaWQiOiAicS1XQkYtelpSMGFxaXVNRUdLZkxSdyJ9”))

Column 3: Template Column off of Column 2, where I replace the email and name with USER Email and Name.

I then created a Button that opens the Webview (YES IT WORKED) of Column 3. When clicked, it displayed the proper payment link and prefilled the correct name and email!

Just having a difficult time displaying the link in all related posts by user as well as their public profile. I tried to do a Relation Column where I use Author ID and Users → TemplateLink but its not allowing me to display the link.

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Make sure it’s not a match multiple relation.

:wave: Hi all!

So here’s a way to use Payhere as part of your onboarding to gate one category of users from accessing your app until they’ve subscribed either via a monthly or an annual plan:


Great service but unfortunately Payhere doesn’t work in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or any other Middle Eastern countries :sleeping:


Great video, @Robert_Petitto !

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Timing :stopwatch: is :100: as looking to build this into an app this week. Thanks :pray:

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Would Zapier instead of Integromat work with updating the Google Sheet in the same manner?

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Sure would!

Actually I just realized that for my use case, because each individual is setting up their own individual link, I wouldnt have access/control over the information that is passed through their receipt of payment, meaning I cant zap any data back into Glide/GS. That is where a marketplace type of payment system would come in handy! It would also keep it a more consistent and on brand UX. Guess I’ll have to wait for Glide to implement something like Stripe Connect.

Awesome setup!

How’d you get the buttons to be so big? Good ole’ CSS wizardry again!? :mage:‍♂

Is the “locking customer details” so they can’t edit the payment screen a universal parameter or one set by Payhere?

Thanks again Robert - anxious for Part 2!

Yep! Just a simple line of code to add padding to the button.

That parameter was created by Payhere’s Embed SDK.

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:popcorn:Alright y’all, Part 2 is available!


  • Setting up Integromat Webhook: Payhere > Google Sheets > Glide App deep dive
  • Validating subscription/membership status
  • Keeping everything IN-APP using Glide Deeplinks in the Payhere success URL
  • Completion of user onboarding based on subscription/membership status




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7.30, on a holiday, watching Robert Petitto how-to’s, life is good.


Pls stop with all the wonderful solutions that are based on stripe… It’s really upsetting for those if us who can’t use it and need to do crazy workarounds…



Sorry brother.