Glide App subscription payment for Indonesia

hallo, my name mahendra and im from indonesia. thanks for the permession to join this grup… I want to ask, for any glide app subscription payments ? because in my country i can’t use paypal and stripe

Do you mean you want to do subscriptions in your app? Or are you trying to pay for a paid version of Glide?

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Hello ThinhDinh friend, I take advantage of the fact that I see that this topic is still open to consult you precisely about this. I need to know how I make the payment of a subscription to Glide (I would need to improve the plan of an app in the future). Is it by international credit card (Visa, Mastercard), can you pay through Paypal, virtual wallets, transfer in dollars, etc? I’m totally unaware and can’t find any information about it. I live in Argentina. Thank you very much as always. Best regards

Glide uses Stripe as a payment processor. If you can pay using stripe, then it’s supported.

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Hi Jeff. First of all thank you very much for answering my request. I am worried because in my “country” Argentina, the Stripe platform does NOT operate. I need to know if there is another way to make the payments, since I think, if everything goes well, I will have to subscribe to a plan for the venture that I am carrying out. I hope there is another way to make payments. I await an answer. Best regards

Isn’t a valid card enough? You only need Stripe if you’re taking payments inside the app using a buy button, that’s what I understand.


From what I understand, only certain countries can accept payments through Stripe.
Of those countries, they can accept payments from ANY other country.

Glide is in the US, which is one of the countries that can accept payments through Stripe. I assume that the US can accept payment from Argentina.

Have you tried to make a payment for a subsciption?

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Hello friend, do you mean that with a Visa credit card I can make the payment then? If so, I will have to look for a virtual wallet application with which I can transform the “currency” ( pesos) of my country to the US currency ( Dollar). I think, is the answer to my request. If there is anything else you wish to add, it will be welcome. Thank you very much!

Hi Jeff, no, I never tried to make a payment from Argentina, because the transfers in dollars are “controlled” by the “state”. So, as I said to ThinhDinh, I will have to get an international Visa card with which, through a virtual wallet, I can execute the payment in the Glide platform, of a higher version than the one I have. Thank you very much also for your reply. Best regards.