Add Global Payment Methods besides Stripe/Creditcard

Stripe integration that only supports creditcards is not enough if you are dealing with customers all over the world.

Even though you can find workarounds by integrating payment service providers in a webview component, it’s still not ideal, because you have to make complex zapier/integromat integrations to match payments to customers.

There are plenty of good payment providers out there that have great coverage for nearly all countries. Any of those listed below would be a huge plus for stripe, with a preference for Adyen, because they have a very broad payment method range and also have support for subscription models.

Adyen - Possibly the most payment method rich service provider, with support for nearly all online payment methods.

  • List of all supported payment methods by country

Stripe checkout - Possibly easiest to integrate with Glide since there is already a stripe integration, however their payments methods are not as rich as Adyen.