Glide in Saudi Arabia!

Is payment on supported in Saudi Arabia? Stripe is not working in Saudi Arabia.
Any idea? Any other way around?

I would like to upgrade my app.

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What about PayPal?

Unfortunately it doesn’t work. I got a message from George this afternoon telling that Glide is not supported in your country which is Saudi Arabia and asking me to find someone to upgrade it on my behalf in one of the supported countries but it is really hard to ask someone to do so. I thought I could find a way around.

I upgraded one app before long time ago. If you can tell me the steps of how to find “card on file” that would be awesome.

Okay, I don’t know much about Saudi…but let me look into it. I know in countries where neither stripe nor paypal operates, ppl are still able to transact internationally…There is this new gateway. I will be back shortly!

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God bless you, you are amazing. Highly appreciated


You too!

PayPal operates in Saudi Arabia

You just need to create an account.

The one I was going to suggest was the virtual payzo card…I checked the country listings Saudi Arabia is on the list. Check it out

I already have account on PayPal and Payzocard. The thing is, Glide itself doesn’t accept any other payment methods except Strip :pensive:

Oh I get it now! Sorry! :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: Okay, I have a solution.

Did you ever figure out how to upgrade using another payment method?like paypal?