Upgarding to Starter plan Error: PaymentIntent

Hi All,

As I was upgrading the plan from free to Starter, I wasn’t able to pay from my credit cards. I tried 3 of them. It showed this error below:

Screenshot 2023-02-04 at 11.52.28 AM

The error it showed (in case the image doesn’t appear)
Payment can be completed using PaymentIntent associated with 'subscription.latest_invoice".
I have searched in the community, FAQs and strip information. Still haven’t understood and got any solution. I have no idea about coding, have been seeing PaymentIntent codings but all going above my hear and no idea what shall I do from my end to pay. It has something to do with Stripe API and 3DS authentication of credit cards I think, but can’t find solution without coding.

Can anyone please?

Thanks in advance!

I am from India. The cards that I am using are 3D secure. Can a community member help me with this?

Check the suggestions in the below thread:

Thank a ton for suggesting the thread. Still no solution though.