Manipulate date in backend

Hi, I’m new to Glide and am in the process of developing an app that will allow students to create customized lesson plans with just a few clicks. For example, they can choose which subjects they want to study, on which days per week, how long they want to prepare in total. One of my main problems is this: For example, if I have created a subject that should be in my timetable on 03.04.2022, how do I make it so that this date is displayed as 03.04.2023 for the user who, for example, only registers in 2023 and creates the plan? So I need to manipulate the date in my backend so that it matches the creation date of the plan. Does anyone have any idea?

Thanks guys.

I’m not sure I fully understand your need. So you (user A) create a subject that should be on your timetable for 03.04.2022.

Then another person comes in (user B), wants to create the same subject on his/her timetable, and that should be created in 2023, on the same day?