Making Image title searchable

My app allows people to search for matching profiles using filters or the search tool:

It searches all text that is visible on the profiles EXCEPT the image titles on my inline list. Example of a profile. All text including basic table is searchable.

But image titles here are not, even though they are visible on the profile:

Is there any way to fix this? I really want people to be able to search very specific terms/colors/etc.

You could add a rich text component that contains the image title at the bottom of your screen, with some HTML to make it hidden. That way it should be searchable since it’s technically on the screen, but not visible to the user.

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OK! I don’t know anything about HTML though.

I haven’t really used rich text at all. Is there a way to make it so that every time someone adds a photo (through a form) that the rich text is automatically applied/updated?

This is my table:

This is my form:

I’m thinking something like this in a template column. Replace {ImageTitle} with the value in your Image Title column. Then just add a rich text component that refers to the template column.

<p hidden>{ImageTitle}</p>

Jeff, you mean we need to replace grid collection with custom collection and place image and rich text component inside custom collection?

No HTML needed. A visibility condition on the component to hide it will still allow it to be searchable.


No, I’m saying that text needs to be on the detail screen for the collection items to be searchable using the collection search. The search function will not search all columns in the table. It only searches values on the screen. I will argue that the image title should be searchable, but for whatever reason it is not, so we need to put that image title in a different component on the screen. Rather than using a text component which is visible, we can hide it in a rich text component.

But as, @Robert_Petitto points out, a text component with a visibility must work I guess. I wasn’t sure if it would.

May be i disunderstand question(because my poor English), but we need search on screen which contain collection of images, not inside details screen. No?
Do you mean for this

if we place


inside of details screen of each collection items so search will be work?

Sorry, I guess reading through this a little closer, I understand the problem better. Actually what’s first needed is a Joined List of related Image titles in the profile table. Then that joined list can be place on the profile detail screen as a hidden text component. The the image titles should be searchable when searching the profiles.

Yes title became searchable, but how to link this to images? I cant understand

In @Katelyn_Alberts’s example, she has a table of Profiles. She also has a table of Images, and each image row has a title column. I assume she already has a relation linking the profile to the related images for each profile. In the profile table, if you create a Joined List that uses that relation, then you will have a text string of all the related image titles in one column in the profile table. When you display that joined list on the profile details screen, then you should be able to search for profiles that contain text from that joined list of image titles.

Thanks, Jeff! your explanation very clear!
But unfortunately it not working for me.
I fined that search works only for basic column which are displayed in any profile screen includes edit screen
Updated: searching for computed columns really works.

Hi Jeff! Apologies for not having a timely response, I was gone most of the day yesterday! I appreciate this suggestion, however, I don’t think that alone would work because it seems as though if you just apply any kind of text to a details page that isn’t entered on the edit screen, it won’t be searchable.

For example, just entering the word “copper” on the details screen won’t be searchable.

But searching “copper” works for this profile because the name of the salon was entered on the edit screen for the details page:

So I’m not sure how to get the form entries for the image uploads into the edit screen somehow or if thats even possible?

Yeah I’ve been meaning to get back to this. I haven’t had a chance to test it yet. is also saying that it’s not working so I want to set up a test app to try it myself to see if I can figure something out. Hopefully sometime today I can sit down and take a closer look.


Hi Katelyn! I havent test to search for form but you can use the edit screen like a form. Just add empty row with id and once open it to edit in same action(must wait condition for id exist)
But you have no chance to cancel edit to delete unedited row.
Lets wait Jeff investigation.

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I also have a form through the edit screen that adds team members to the profiles like this:

And then the team members are displayed in an inline list on the profiles here:

These team members are also NOT searchable. So a form built into the edit screen also doesn’t work. :pensive:

Oh, understand!
But we can try make fake edit field in edit screen:

  1. Collect all title by relation->lookup->Joined list and set column it to user profile basic text column (before any edit action on profile)
  2. Add edit field to this column
  3. Try to hide it(may be still searchable)

Or you can do it relation->lookup->Joined list and set column during any adding of new images…

true, I’m trying to visualize how that would work though. I’ve only ever added a single piece of information as a text entry in the edit area. And in this case, it would need to be an ever-evolving data entry because every time someone goes in and adds a photo, that data point would need to update automatically. No idea if that’s possible!

You just write every time joined list from relation and lookup
When some body adds new image

The easiest way would be with a custom action when viewing the detail screen for a profile that would take the joined list and permanently write it to another column with a set column action before a show details action. It would constantly update itself whenever you view details for a profile. You could further add an IF condition in the custom action to the set column action if there are differences, to help save on unnecessary updates.

I’m hoping there is a way to avoid all of that altogether though. @Katelyn_Alberts with you Copper example have you tried by creating a new column and placing the word Copper in there, and then have the rich text component refer to the column instead of a hardcoded word in the component? Also, have either of you tried with a different component, such as a text component instead of a rich text component.

Sorry, I’ve been replying on my phone, so I haven’t gotten to my computer to try any of this.

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