👪 Make Array — the newest column type!


Here’s a use case that saved me a bunch of columns :smiley:

Just thinking about this one after I made the video, I guess the other way without Makearray would be a template to create a joined list, then a split text column, and then carry on from there. But still, Makearray definitely makes these things easier :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a real neat use case!

Here’s another one…

Hi @Robert_Petitto
let me ask, usually i remove duplicate data using the “uniqe” formula.

My question is, can this be done on glide? If so, how?

Two columns:

  • A lookup column to create an array from your email column
  • Then use the Unique Elements plugin to extract the unique items

If you need something that you can use in a choice component or an inline list, then you need to coerce the array into a list. Use the “Miracle Method” for that.


Hi @Darren_Murphy
thank you for your feedback, but i don’t understand yet, how to find the data
**Kode Arisan** in uniqe element?
because that’s how I tried it on uniqe element there is no option to put the column **Kode arisan**

@agung_Taufik you need a array column.

A lookup column to create an array from your email column


sorry, I don’t understand how unique elements work, can you explain it with pictures…
the results I want to get are like the example in the expected results column
sorry i bother you

You can watch this video. Robert shows how to do this!

Another use of Make Array : Displaying City, State .

There are times when your users won’t fill out a city or leave both fields blank but you want to display something pretty based on what they filled in. A template column leaves awkward punctuation and missing fields. A combination of a Make Array and a Join List rectifies that.

Could also clean up the City & State columns with Text Plugin columns first to make sure they’re capatilized.