Math parameters min / max

I would like to be able to use unlimited number of parameters for Min & Max functions (like in Sheet, Excel)

I now only use Glides tables so I am stuck.

What are you trying to do?

The Min of 20 columns

I could do the min (C1, C2) then the min of the result with the following column, …
But that’s 20 more columns

Yeah that’s a few. :wink: I was hoping the data would be in rows because you can use a rollup column to find the minimum from multiple rows. One thing you could try is to embed a MIN within a MIN. Something like this:

MIN(C1, MIN(C2, MIN(C3, MIN(C4, C5))))

Agreed that math functionality is a little limited. Multiple parameters, or an array, or direct access to the contents of an entire column would be nice.

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Your solution:
MIN (P1, MIN (P2, MIN (P3, MIN (P4, MIN (P5, MIN (P6, MIN (P7, MIN (P8, MIN (P9, MIN (P10, MIN (P11, MIN (P12, MIN ( P13, MIN (P14, MIN (P15, MIN (P16, MIN (P17, MIN (P18, MIN (P19, P20)))))))))))))))))))
works. :joy:


hi All
just wanted to shout out to this old post that while the nested Min works, i found a number of issues when using it. for example, it correctly calc’s the min out of multiple numbers, however, i am completely unable to display that in a basic table. same is true for calculations with it, they work on the data sheet of a glide table but are completely unreadable to the user interface of an app. my guess is that there is a translation in which the UI sees a nested statement like MIN(C1, MIN(C2, MIN(C3, MIN(C4, C5)))) as NULL… not sure how to report this as a bug but I really feel like we need this fixed… cheers! Clint

Do you have any screenshots of how you have this set up in your data and what’s happening on the UI side? I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work.

With all the new plugin column types, there could be an alternative way to approach this…

  • Use a MakeArray column to create an array of all the columns involved
  • Use the Sort Array plugin to sort it
  • Use a Single Value column to pick the first element from the sorted array (eg. the minimum value)

More columns, of course. But probably a bit less error-prone :slight_smile: