Mailto limit on web browser?


I am trying to develop an application system for educational facilities to manage waiting lists, etc. In one part of my app I use an email button to allow the administrator to send an email to a long list of emails. I am testing with over 100 email address in the bcc. The idea is that the admin user clicks an email button and a prepopulated email popup with all the email address of applicants filled in the bcc. I have tested it on mobile and it works fine and opens up in the mobile phones gmail client.

However, I am testing this on a desktop but nothing happens when I click the email button. I know that the issues is not a desktop email client set up issue as it works when I remove the long list of bcc email addresses and my outlook client opens up fine.

So does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of email addresses that can be specified in an email button?

And secondly if there is a limit can anyone suggest an alternative for sending an email to a large amount of recipients. I know I could use the Mail.App in a google app script but I understand there is a daily quota based on the number of emails you are trying to send to.

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Probably you can try SendGrid, I’m not sure of their quota, but have seen them mentioned on here.

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