Lost code and triggers

Doesn’t feel like Magic to me!!!

I was getting an alert on my spreadsheets scripts code editor that my code might be upgraded to V8 runtime automatically if I didn’t update it manually. I wasn’t ready for it so I kept dismissing it. Now today I open my script editor and all my code is gone. It says it is running on V8 engine. I also checked my project and triggers in apps-script-dashboard and they’re gone too.

What happened? Can someone help? I am in shock.

Thanks for helping.

Are you sure you aren’t working with a copied sheet? I was just looking at some of my old scripts today and they are still there.

Believe me or not this happened to me. I filed an issue with google issue tracker as well. I restored my scripts from my local source. Then manually added triggers. Hard to believe but if something like this happens in production, it is scary.

No, I’m not doubting you. Just making sure it wasn’t something else that happened. I’ve seen the V8 warning for awhile, but I have yet to notice any of my scripts being affected by it. Maybe google attempted to automatically migrate and it failed. I haven’t read anything that says they would delete old scripts. Wish I could help more.