Google Scripts no paste function

anybody know how to paste in google scripts now???
they just updated scripts editor and there is no paste anymore!!!
i’m using Mac Pro

Cmd+C and Cmd+V don’t work anymore?

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tnx! it works… but it sucks that is not in right click window.
also you cant open another editor in new window! it will always open in the same one!
plus column with files and takes quoter of the screen and cant be minimize!!
what the Hell they did???

thanks god this can be revert to old editor… yes!!!

Personally, I think it’s a great improvement.

  • You can now get to the trigger setup and stackdriver logging all within the same window
  • Collapsable functions is great
  • It’s much easier to see at a glance which files have unsaved edits

But, if you don’t like all that, you can always switch back to the legacy editor:

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i already switch back, it sucksssss!
i work with many scripts at the same time and this is bad upgrade for me.

One more comment.
The search feature in the new editor is WAY superior to the old one.
Just this alone makes it worth using, IMO.

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