Loss of data in Glide table :(

My app’s URL: app.emporiovapori.it

A bad story.
I wanted to improve the performance of my app and so I made the decision to transfer some google sheets to google tables, but it was not a good thing.
I had several problems:

  • the first is that I could not recreate the same condition of use because it is not possible to create arrays of columns in Glide Tables;
  • the second is that I had a hard time adding columns because they often disappeared by themselves just after insertion;
  • the third problem, which is the most serious of all, is that when I made and then removed a “Make row owner” on a column, the contents of all the table rows disappeared; that is, the rows are left but completely empty apart from the RowId of the row.

Unfortunately I am afraid of using Glide Tables and will not use them until I am sure they are reliable.