Lookup Values

So I have a look up value that returns an array. The array is coming from a relation column. I was hoping to display it on the app but there seems to be no support to this outside inline list that can be added from the relation itself. Is there something I am missing or a work around to this? I appreciate any help.

For context: I am trying to create a player card and I want a summary of all the skills this player has to be listed underneath the player image. The look up value was my intent to formulate the summary section but alas this does not work.

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Add a new table and the amount of rows should be equal to the maximum number of skills a player could have. Number the rows in a new column.

Copy the array to the helper table with a single value column. Add another single value column to the helper table and target the array. Use “from start” and for the “row” target the column with our row numbers.

The result should be one skill per row.

Add any collection and target the helper table.

An alternative is creating a joined list column and having a comma-delimited column of skills to show.

Are you using Classic Apps or Glide Apps? You calling the component “inline list” prompts me to ask the question, so that we can support you better.