Looking for pilot participants

Hi Gliders,

We’re actually looking for creators/brands to join our live pilot we’re building on our Glide app. It’s a new type of content marketplace: food/cooking, fitness, travel, products, beauty, sports, thought leadership and more. It fills that gap between social media (which can’t hold much content) and having to go to a ton of different websites to get full picture. Our concept got us accepted into two accelerators, now we’re bringing it to life.

In addition to showcasing your own products/services (which you can link from our app to your existing sales platform/channels), we offer a generous revenue share. There’s a non-profit/charity support option too.

You can learn more here: https://www.myfaveplaces.com/creators-podz-poc-registration

If you are interested or know someone, either register through the site or ping me here.

Thank you!


Interesting - I am working on something along the same lines - calling it a micro-community (not as catchy as Podz). But allowing a user to go directly to an app to connect with all of the various platform posts around a specific subject, instead of having the user open each platform separately and end up down rabbit holes. I think there could be some great audience capture opportunities here.

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“Great minds… :joy:
Thank you for the kind words Kathy and whenever you feel ready, would love to learn about yours! In the meantime, keep powering on!

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