Long emails on the App Menu bleed onto the the first Tab

When a User is signed in with a long email address, their email which displays on the Menu bar (top left of the App) bleeds onto the first Tab of the App. Only seems to be an issue when viewing on a phone.
Is there a reason for this that i may have overlooked.
BTW this app is freaking awesome!!!

Really long emails were probably never accounted for. How many characters is the email you are having an issue with?

Hi there, my email has a total of 34 characters. That is including “@gmail.com” at the end.
Maybe you can resize the text so it fits?

By the way - it doesn’t just bleed between the menu and the gap between the right hand side of the phone screen. It is also visible on the first tab/home screen (that’s after the menu tab has been closed)
This is testing on an older iPhone 5s.

Would you mind posting a screenshot of this issue, please?

Here are some screen shots.

Thank you, we’ll fix it!