Login page

I wanted to ask if you knew if it was possible to implement a login with an email and password assigned by the project leader (Not the default reigstration).


Are there any examples or tutorials on how to make it a page with admin-only assigned email logins?

i don’t know… i use my own method

How did you create the login page? Do you have a template to share?

Glide Pages can’t be shared… I can build from scratch on your account.


You have to add me to your Glide team and share google sheets with me… after the job is completed… you can remove me.

Okay, now?

Do you want a free version or a pro version?


Ok… then we don’t need to connect :wink:

  1. In the user’s sheet, add a password user-specific column
  2. set all the tab’s visibility conditions if the password is not empty and matches the admin password
  3. add a new tab based on the users’ sheet with the opposite visibility conditions
  4. in the new tab, add a text entry for password.

How do we do it then?

I was guiding someone in this thread:

This is a sample for my Pro version: