Login page icon change

Hey folks,

I seem to still have an old icon on my login page which I think was from during the business plan trial and now I cant change it.

Any way for me to update this?

I believe you lost access to custom configuration after the trial, so the only way might be upgrade back to Pro.

That would be an expensive logo… Is there anyone from the Glide team that could help?

Are you currently on a paid plan, such as a Starter plan? I think you could update for the few minutes to make the change and then downgrade again. Worst case, you may get charged a prorated rate for 1 day usage, so a few dollars, but the rest of the amount will be credited to you account and if you are on a Starter plan, it should use up that credited amount over the next few months. Still not free, but a cheap alternative.

I have tested with Starter, and you have to upgrade to Pro.

I mentioned the Starter plan because there would be no point upgrading from the Free plan to Pro for a few minutes, because when you downgrade back to Free, there would be no way to use up the prorated credits. If he already had a Starter plan and temporarily upgraded to Pro, then the prorated credits could still be used up on the Starter plan over the next few months.

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