Login Issue from Mobile (works in laptop)

Till yesterday the app was working in my mobile, from this morning it is not working.
I tried after clearing history, no luck.
However it works from my laptop.

Please help.

Hi @edbs_India,

Thanks for writing in. Just so I understand correctly, you’re struggling to log in to your app via mobile?

Happy Saturday :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @edbs_India,

The app should still work from mobile when adding the Map component. Would you be happy to send a screenshot?

I tried from two mobile, in one mobile, white screen appears and the message is “Could not load network resources” then a “Retry” button. From the other mobile just showing Signing in…
I think there is a change in server setup.

The problem is only in Mobile, it works fine from Laptop,

Is your mobile device using the same network as your laptop? What device are you using? What browser? Can you try a different browser on your phone just to test?