Lock tab

Hey all.
I have a doubt
Can we make a tab that has a PIN code lock.
So that every time we open that tab we should enter the password
The password should be set when we create the new chat
By the way, it’s a chat app
Thanks in advance

You can do it, but it won’t be secure.

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That won’t be a problem.
Please tell the solution

  • Add a user-specific column.
  • Point a text entry to the user-specific column.
  • Add all other components in a container. Set the container’s conditional visibility value to show only when the text entry value is the same as your password.

thanks :slight_smile:

one doubt,does it reset when we exit the app?

If your users log in to use the app, then no.

Well, they do log in.
So is there a way to delete the text when they exit the app?

No, but you could set a timer on it that forces them to enter it again after a fixed period of time.


If you make it a screen rather than a tab, then you could have an action that clears the value every time they try to open the screen, thus forcing them to re-enter the code.

how do I create the action?

I mean the action to delete the specific cell every time they click the screen

I mean like this

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