Event OnClick TAB and clear the Text Entry value

Hello, Experts. Please tell me how to clear the Text Entry value entered on the previous TAB when changing TAB? And is it possible to handle the TAB press event?

Is your text entry linked to a row on your sheet? Is it on a form? Is it going between screens?

If it’s tied to a row and you would not like that row to store data you can create a button with an action to clear the row on press.

The goal is to clear the password input field on Tab1 (parent feed), when working on Tab2 (Child feed) I would clear the password field in the table.

Ok then depending on how you set it up you could use the clear column value option with a button to clear the column that stores this value. You just have to make sure that the table that is being used for data is the same that contains the value.

If it is an editable field already - where you allow users to edit, you could use a text entry form with user specific columns for users to edit.

However, considering the passwords would be stored in plain text, I wouldn’t say that the solution of using passwords in this manner would be secure. I’ll let others comment on if there is a better solution for security. Eg. Creating a private app with users stored in a predefined table.

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