How to reset data in fields

Is there a way to reset the data in fields? Right now I add info about items and their prices to help the user decide on the best price and volume for a promotion. But after pressing the button to set the data and add a new row, the old data still there. The only way is to enter and backspace. That is a bit clunky. Is there a way that after saving the data to the table, the fields are reset and cleared to start another from scratch?

You should be able to do so with a set column > clear value action. However I’m not clear on what you’re trying to do here? What does your add row action provide in this flow? Why do you have to add a new row and clear the old data?

Really I don’t, idid not see the set column clear value command in the action list for buttons: assuming that means after they have the price they want, the Button sets the values in the corresponding columns in the sheet and table, then clears the fields for the next promotion…

Where is the set column clear vale command?

It’s “Set column values”, then choose a column then you can have an option to clear it (Clear value).

Tô be sure, this sounds like it clears the roe in the table. I need to clear the input fields on the screen, but leave the data in the row for an historical list they input product and price, play around with a promotional price, when the decide this is it, click a button, and

  1. The data is added to the correct columns in the data
  2. The input fields are cleared, ready for another product and promotion

works too well. it cleared the data table as well. What I am trying to do is save the temporary data in the input field to the data sheet, but remove the text and numbers in the input fields ready for the next calculation.

How is it clearing the entire table? A ‘Set Column’ → ‘Clear Value’ action should only clear the specific cells that you specify to be cleared for the current row you are working with. Are you sure you didn’t use a ‘Delete Row’ action?

I’m also not sure how your app is set up, but I usually like to have one table to accept inputs and another table to submit the results to through an Add Row action. Your inputs should be on a row in a table that is never deleted. It will calculate everything in real time as you type. Then the button action should be a custom action that should first perform an Add Row action to add the new row with the inputs and results, and then clear the column values for those inputs.

I modified my example if you want to copy it and take a look.

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Sorry, I forgot to mention just one row was in the table …

So is it working now?

Yes and no
Yes it is working. I created a seperate log table. Published, copied the link, entered both on my phone and on the m"onitor but now I am getting ",not found

Android firefox

Today (-. Or i would have answered sooner…

Thanks a million, it worked! (Remodel of our apartment hot in the way. Now I am getting a not found when I click the published link. I may have left it open on my computer.wouldvthat do it?