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I’ve been building a Sales CRM app including a price book etc for my company (I’m an employee).
As a part of it I’m adding a calculator specific to my industry but also to include margin/markup

I’m trying to have a button to clear the input numbers but it deletes everything. Would I be able to get some assistance please. Some screenshots attached

Thanks in advance

Do you want multiple users to use this at once? You should be able to have a set column action that clears only the columns you choose.

Yes I will do. In fact for the whole app but managers will be able to view all and individual reps will view items relevant to their territory…eventually. I’m just getting the functions all working for myself and will then add the admin parts for individuals and teams.

Just to note that if you want multiple people to access this at once, input columns should be user-specific.

Good luck and let us know if you need help.

I need help to be able to clear the inputs, I can’t seem to figure it out. If the row is deleted then the DATA tab (see attached sample) goes blank and i can’t input anything.



‘Set column’ action would enable you to clear the data within a specific column.

‘Delete row’ will delete the whole row of data.

If the table/sheet has only one row owners of data and it is deleted then it will be empty. I believe that the table/sheet requires at least one row to be present else it goes “blank”

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OMG this works perfectly…thank you :beers:

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Congratulations :partying_face: nice one :point_up:

Sometimes is just takes a bit or time and knowledge to get things right…