Deleting text on submission

Hi all
I have a doubt
I want to create a password for a screen. So , when we enter the password it is stored in the sheet. I don’t want it to get stored,I want the user to enter it to be able to view the chat.
Is there anyway for this?
So can anybody help please.
Thank you

Can you make a Boolean that says if “Password” Column = “Password”, then True, then hide the text entry if Boolean is a True while also making Chat Visible if Boolean is True?

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You can use a user specific column to hold the password. Probably fine for basic passwords that are not set by the user. Be mindful that the password is stored in clear text and you as the developer can see those passwords. Also, it’s possible that someone could figure out that password by inspecting the code.


If I am able to see the password,it’s not a problem.

It’s just a app for my friends…The password is so that no one else can see the messages

I’m just a beginner with glide… So if any ideas,can you’ll please do a video tutorial and send?

I want it like , the password disappears as soon as it is entered ,so that the user has to enter it every time the user visits the chat

Idk… Let me try

I don’t know how to do it. Can u give a lead?