Hide passwords

Hi @david and @JackVaughan, maybe Glide is already including this feature in the future, but it would be very interesting to include a feature to hide password in fields defined as password (******) with an asterisk, would leave the Apps with login and much more interesting password.



Glide does not have a password login feature. Are you asking users to enter passwords as data? This is not secure.

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@Robert_Petitto has a smart workaround for this kind of feature.


Hello, thanks for the feedback. I say leave a field defined as a hidden password with asterisks (*****), even if it is a simple login password as in the example in the photo.

Hello, how would it be?

Hi @Zancoper

@Robert_Petitto has a solution for what you want to.

Months ago I saw this trick on one of his APPs and we talked about it.


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Just be aware that this password is not encrypted or hidden at all… It’s just plain text in your spreadsheet. Not secure at all.

Yes, I already know that it is not safe and that it is not recommended, but I find it interesting that we had the option to hide the characters of a field defined as a password.

Right. And in my app, I clearly labeled my “password” field as a “password hint” field.

what was your solution? could you say by email: mylogodesignam@gmail.com. I need for um project of security.

@ThinhDinh Is this just superficial though? If anyone can inspect the app, and row owners isn’t enabled, the password is still exposed, right?

Yes, that’s true. It’s just CSS on the front end.

I would not consider this secure by any means. It’s basically a superficial client side authentication, which is pointless because the data is already on the client device to “authenticate” against. Server side authentication is the only way to securely authorize a user BEFORE any data is sent to the device.

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Right, that’s what I figured. Thanks for confirming.