Location feature working differently

My app’s URL: getintheplace.glideapps.io

Hi I have not been working on my app for a few months and I returned and lots of things aren’t working as they used to (which could be problematic if it were in production). Couple of questions:

  • Location. I used to be able to select a state and see all of the users located in that state. Now when I click a state it launches an external map of that state outside of glide.

  • User profile images pulled from twitter. My app used to display all users profile images cloned/displayed directly from twitter. All of their images are now blank and my spreadsheet has ref# errors.

  • Tags. Tags used to display categories, or other information, now the Tags above images are displaying ‘TRUE’

  • Relations. Some of my relations are broken or don’t display correctly.

I know there are a lot of changes and I need to catch up, but is it safe to release once my items are fixed if updates to the platform effect live apps? Is there a way to see what breaks in your app before accepting those updates live?

Thanks in advance. If these answers are posted elsewhere, please feel free to point me there.


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Regarding the Twitter one, seems like it’s your function in the Sheet that is broken.

Regarding the tag, make sure you’re pointing to the correct column. Not sure what made that change.

Regarding the map, if you can record a video of that we can know more about what’s the problem.