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I just logged into glide and none of the applications I created appear. Could it be a glide error? Anybody know?

Are you signed into the correct account? Are you looking at the correct team folder?


I actually have this problem at the moment too, but only in my legacy My Apps folder. I’m hoping the Glide team is finally getting it converted to a new team folder. I’ve been getting weird ‘Unable to process request (Error: 1060)’ errors in my primary app in the builder for the past few days, but today I noticed all 40 or so apps are gone from my dashboard, but only in the My Apps folder. All other team folders are fine in my case.

Just got this myself: Error: 1060

The apps in my legacy My Apps folder were restored a few days ago, but I’ve been getting the 1060 error for about a week now.


I have not contacted Glide yet. I was hoping that my legacy apps were being migrated to a new team folder, but I haven’t heard or seen any updates on that in awhile, so I don’t know what’s going on at this point. I don’t have support on those legacy apps, so I’m kind of in limbo at the moment.