Legacy app inaccessible need to link to new Team

Dear community members,

Since yesterday I got locked out of my legacy app for now reason. When trying to access it now, it keeps loading with an initial message it’s in read-only mode. My Glide dashboard, is empty and in the newly created Team I can’t add my legacy app. Glide chatbot suggest as first step ‘Log in to your Glide account and navigate to your app.’ which I can’t do anymore.

Any tips?
Thank you

Nothing in the dashboard?? I would try different browser, clear cookies, etc…

Direct link used to work all the time: Glide (glideapps.com) does not work. I can’t even see the dashboard - keeps loading after message “You’re in read-only mode. Any changes you make won’t be saved.”. When I login on glide with the same account, I get a new blank dashboard, seems that the app has been put on hold. Users can keep on working.

So if you don’t access the app through the direct link above, but login to the dashboard, then you don’t see that app?

Correct, I don’t see the app in the dashboard and neither the direct link works

Does anybody else have access to that team?

Was not setup with a team. This was a legacy app. Did it become deprecated or something?

I can still see my classic apps so I doubt it. Nothing in the dashboard is definitely weird. Have you tried signing out and in again on the same browser?

Did sign off and sign in and with same credentials and then I got a brand new and empty dashboard with no legacy app.