Loading animation when using choices to filter

There have been lots of examples lately of apps that use one (or more) choice components to filter data below them (one good example is the UMÉ Studio app template Glide posted on go.glide). This ability to filter the visibility based on user-chosen conditions is great, but there is a delay when choices are changed and the data below may not update for several seconds.

Is there any way to have a loading overlay or animation when this happens? It would help the overall user experience, especially for someone using the app for the first time. Right now, it’s not clear that the data is incorrect when a user changes their selections.


I think it all depends on how you are filtering. If you are changing a value that needs to make its way to the sheet for data to change and process formulas in the sheet, then there will be a delay. If you are changing a column that is used within the Glide data tab to affect relations, then I think those should show up instantly. In a lot of cases, I think you can structure your filters in collaboration with Glides in-built columns to to get instant results. This will obviously vary depending on each persons situation.

In https://concepts.glideapp.io/ I have the Dynamic List Filter which will load results instantly whenever the choice component changes. It’s a little quirky if you change the choice component rapidly.