LIVE tracking and Journaling


dear glide team, thanks for creating glide it helps me as a business owner to build my first app. I have been working for 1.5 weeks on my first version and can’t rap my head around the following things
the app has in tab 1 a daily dashboard where the user is asked to indicate per day
What sports they did (word entry)
How much reading time (number entry)
The best thing happened today (choice entry)

Question > choice entry, I want to display a list of pre-set choices combined with the option for the user to fill in their own input.

In addition, I want to display a row with 5 different emoticons next to each other that can be clicked on for each emoticon so that the user can click on his mood. This must function as his mood tracker like the example below, how do I do this? The data of the clicked emoticon should be transferred to the datasheet.

  • In Tab 2 is a tracking overview where the user has the possibility to see the information entered in tab 1 in a week overview (displayed per day) so that then they can see an overview of their weekly performance, how do I insert a table like this, the data should come from the input in tab 1

Question > How is it possible to display a graphic model such as the home page of your budget app with live data?

Question > Is it possible to display a home screen in the form of a screen-filling image that is only visible when the app is opened and jumps to another tab after 3 seconds?

It would be great if feedback could be given because I am stuck on these topics :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work for the rest and greeting from Amsterdam - Berlin!

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Just adding a reference link since some questions are being answered in a different thread: