First app. Need help


I’m totally new to Glide and it looks very promising, but a little bit too complicated. I will be very grateful for directions “how” & “where”.

I want to build an app that would help me to track and display my smoked cigarettes’, the time I smoked at, and the time between. So I created one table with “Time” & “Reasons” columns, and another table with “Reasons” options like “after meal”, “break in work” etc. So I added a form button and I can “add a record” to a table when I lit my cigarette.

But I failed to build a chart so I could see how many cigarettes I smoke daily.
Please help.

Sounds doable. Could you send some screenshots? :wink:

Joking aside, you seem to be on the right path. Have you had a look at Glide Learn first? Relations, roll-ups, charts.

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nothing to show yet )

Chart that shows % of “reasons” is cool, but i’d like to have a chart of daily numbers of sigaretts.
Is it passible?

You are doing a rollup along a category. If I understand your use case correctly, your category is a date.

Have a look at the following post and try with the relation column and rollup column.

Once you manage to get the data you need in your Glide Table – I would recommend you use Glide tables here and not a Google Sheet – then you’ll determine which components are best suited to displaying the data.