Where are Charts?

I apologize sincerely in advance. I understand Charts are a key, major, valued feature in Glide. And for the life of me, I can’t find them. I can’t find how to add them to my app. I can’t find how to create a new app that’s Chart-centric, either. I watched videos, I read the help guide, and it starts with, “After you’ve added a Chart resource…” and goes from there. Where is the Chart resource?

I tried Glide for the first time today, pointed it at a spreadsheet, and fell in love immediately. I upgraded to Pro immediately. And it’s doing everything I wanted out of the box. It’s a map and list view of COVID-19 cases reported across the state of Hawaii. It’s a wonderful mobile-first view of a web app I built using another tool.

But of course I want it to do more, now. I want one of the tabs to show Charts (or a Chart!) of case counts over time, perhaps by island. But for the life of me I can’t find anything mentioning Charts anywhere in the Edit App interface.

I feel like it must be right in front of my nose. It must be the simplest and biggest button somewhere, and I’m just blind. Because I can’t find Charts in Glide, and here in the Community, I see lots and lots of conversations about using them. Help!


You will find charts within the page ‘components’

I would send a screen shot however I’m not by my computer at the moment.

Hope you find it :slight_smile:

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OMG! Okay! Wow. I was dense. Thank you!

All right, so I guess I have a more complicated question.

What if I want Charts to be on a Tab? Or a higher-level page than on a detail view of an entry?

I’m not sure how a Chart would be deployed for a single COVID-19 case location and report, for example. But at a higher level, I am sure people would like to see overall trends by island, ZIP code, etc.

I kind of wish Charts were a Layout, I guess. Does that make sense? Is this possible?

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Just set the tab layout to the details style and you can place a chart component on that top tab level. This can be a separate sheet with a single row. Otherwise the details layout will default to the first row, or any other row in your sheet if you are applying a filter to that screen.

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My god, you’ve done it, Jeff!

Thank you! I just had to wrap my brain around how the various components interact. I now have a Charts tab!


Hi. I was wondering how did you figure our trends? What was your method? Did you use your G Sheet?

An explanation would be most helpful for my use case.

Thanks in advance.