I can't find pie chart or graph style options

Hi everyone, I’ve been wanting to add a graph, pie chart, etc. to my app and have referenced Glide resources. However after selecting the relevant data, I don’t see the style option for pie charts, bar graphs, etc. I can see card, grid, list, and table. Anyone know what I might be doing wrong here?

You are probably looking at the style of a list. You have to go into the details view (looking at one row of data) in order to add components, and add the chart component.

@eltintero I think that’s exactly what I’m doing (Looking at “style” under inline list). How would I go about going into the details view? Stilling getting a hang of Glide.

Choose the Details style layout view. Then you can add all kinds of components to the screen, including charts. Once your layout is set to Details in the upper right portion of the builder, then look at the lower left portion to see where you can add or remove components for that screen.

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Here I cover the different types of screens. You need to select “Details” in order to be able to add components.


@eltintero @Jeff_Hager Guys please bare with me, I still don’t understand where to find “details”. The ss below is what I’m seeing.

Looks like you are using Glide Pages instead of Glide Apps. All screens in glide pages are detail screens. But, I don’t believe that charts is available in glide pages.

You may have to look at some alternatives, like using quickchart.io (several posts regarding this in the formum), which are a lot more functional and can be displayed as images within your glide page. Setting up the url for quickchart can be a bit more work though, until you get the hang of it.


@Jeff_Hager ahhh I see. Well either way I appreciate your help!

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