Live in 10 minutes :)

:wave: Hey all

I know this is a bit last second, but I had some time this morning for a live stream in case anyone wanted to join me in the Glideverse. I’ll be around to answer any questions you have or you can just watch me flesh out an idea for an app that I had last night.

I plan to stream for 30 minutes or so from 8:50am to 9:20am EST.

Join me here :point_down:


That was fun, you are way too generous with your time :slightly_smiling_face:

I just saw this, 2 hours too late, darn. I’ll watch the replay! By any chance would you have a rough outline of what to expect in the video?

He starts off talking about trucks, and then eventually builds a group chat app with a bit of trebuchet thrown in for good measure.


Context: I had an idea last night to create an app for Atlanta Food Trucks. So, the stream starts off with how I start an app from scratch based solely on a single idea.

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Bookmarked to watch later. Definitely…
I still need to get my head wrapped around the Trebuchet method and I would love to see how you put it to use in this case as @Darren_Murphy has outlined that you use it.
Thanks for sharing @Robert_Petitto.

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You can also take a look at this post:
Trebuchet Method Tutorial

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do you plan to continue the video on how to built the food truck app?

Possibly! I don’t have time at the moment…slammed with contract work. I’ll pick it back up again when I have the bandwidth.