Live App is very Slow and Heavy, unhappy users with speed

Hi I got my live App and users report very slow and heavy buffer, not only first time, when they move between section, and is very light home.

App calls

Theres a Runtime-main.js file that charges all the weight of the app! Is already running on AWS

Please let me know your toughts, thats take to me with a 50mb conection, but most of the users handle 5mb speed, so for them is not a good time

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Same for me. It’s very frustrating.

It seems to normal to me.

Same. Loads quickly for me too.


May you show a video to see your problem?

I tested your APP using a slow connection via CANTV (4 Mbps) and worked normal and with NetUno (45-50 Mbps) worked fine as well.

A video will help us to help you better.


Same, works normally for me. Chrome on MacOS.

same, works normally

microsoft edge and android

Thanks for try, dont know why too many users report this also report that fails message when enter on the site

First load is slow, and when you sign in, and retrieve always must do a recheck of the session

too much users have issue, they found the retry message

Many users report this when they came from instagram

Thanks for suggestion, but users report very slow reaction also when back to index page, not only in the first load

Saludos Gracias por probar

ciertamente algo no mantiene la continuidad de la app y el de 6 mb la carga, no se si tiene q ver con la cantidad de usuarios que debe cargar o el algoritmo de ramdon users para mostrar


Eso pasa con frecuencia, Facebook e Intagram tienen su propio navegador web y a veces las PWA tienen problemas en la carga allí (he sufrido esto antes).

Un link desde allí activa el navegador interno de FB/IG lamentablemente. Debes notificar a los usuarios esta incómoda característica para evitar quejas.


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