Little question about the Deleted option

Hello dear Glide community members,
excuse me if the subject has already been dealt with and resolved here and i missed reading it.
In fact, since Glide does not delete the data lines via the “deleting” option, but only deletes the data, I would like to know how to avoid having lines always empty between the data?

Hello. You could run a script periodically, say once a week, to delete empty rows in your sheets. Something like this:

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You mean in the Glide data editor?

Is the issue you face related to this thread?

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Merci mthakershi , pour l’intérêt que tu as porté à moi soutenir, je suis obligé de suivre cette voie!

oui effectivement! ThinhDinh

Have you found a solution for this?

Just a partial solution. I just apply the way of @mthakershi using a script periodically to delete empty rows in G-sheets. :

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