List Relation not Showing Lookups

I have a list relation that is not displaying look-up values on the sheet that the relation targets.

I checked all the similar topics for insights but still stumped on this.

My groups page shows a member list and when you drill down you are supposed to see member data that includes lookup data from their profiles. But the data is missing.

Any ideas?

Have you tried to put the day / light mode on? I see your screen is in dark mode and sometimes this Pb happens

I can see any other type of non-lookup data appear on that screen…

Sorry apart from that, I don’t see how to fix this without checking your relations between sheets

What columns are you using for display in the first screen?

Display Name and Profile Photo

Strange because Pete is showing isn’t it? Does that row have any differences from the others?

Is rel-Profiles a single or multiple relation?

Pete is the signed-in user…

rel-Profiles is single relation

The 2nd row is also a “Pete” row and it has a blank name and photo.

Yeah, that was some old test data. User did not exist in profiles but still existed as a member of a group. I just deleted the profile