List of users who have favorited an item

Thank you Robert, I watched the video and will try to reproduce it.

If you do have time to create a video it would be most appreciated (and I think helpful to the community here too).

Here you go:


@Robert_Petitto Such a great video. What visual component did you use to get the icons to stack like this?


This is gold! Thank you @Robert_Petitto. I had come up with the “Follow Log” approach but this is much better.

Is this mostly one-way? I.e. you can “follow/subscribe” but not “unfollow/unsubscribe”?


Thank you!

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Great as usual! Thanks.

Exaclty. Basically a variation of this CSS I came up with.

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The video shows one way, yes. There is a way to undo, but it’s a bit tricky. Here’s how:


Thank you @Robert_Petitto.

If I understood well, the Trebuchet is probably also the best workaround for Multi-Selection in a Choice component?

If I am correct, given the frequent requests about this (key) feature, and the multiple answers which are not always the same, hopefully Glide team will make 1 tutorial of reference …


Exactly. All of my “multiselects” using an inline list uses the trebuchet method.

Thank you. Does it works (more or less) that way?

(In Database)
1- ‘Trebuchet columns’ (text field, temporary USC, template, if for the comma etc)
2- ‘Choice items’ list

(In Screen)
3- Inline list with ‘Choices items’ as Source
4- ‘Trebuchet’ Action on the inline (write in the temporary USC etc).

Then whatever the action resulting from the multi-select, it is related to the entry field (ex. filter > is included in “text field”)


Thanks @Robert_Petitto.

When we see the number of use cases of the Trebuchet Method, it would be uncredible if Glide built a native feature around it… Any chance in the short term @JackVaughan ??


Agreed. I just used it 4 times yesterday in an app I’m building for a client. Really need “add to array” / “remove from array” actions. Course, that would also warrant the creation of a new “array” column type most likely.

Hi @Mark, do you have this in your ‘short term’ roadmap ?

We’ll be planning our next quarter soon, then we’ll see.


Thanks @Mark.

@Lucas_Pires @Robert_Petitto, the fact that Glide next quarter roadmap is about to be defined is a chance to provide Insights about the multiple use cases of ‘Industrializing the Trebuchet’.

Maybe could we provide a List of illustration?
My top one is Multiselects in a Choice component


In a recent app, I used it several times:

  • multiple selection using an inline list (display an inline list with action set to trebuchet to result in a cell of comma separated itemIDs)
  • location check-ins (button on a restaurant’s details page that trebuchets the signed in user’s email to a cell of comma separated list of users that have checked in)
  • ratings (use rating component and a button to increment a user count column and a rating sum column so I can ultimately create an average rating per restaurant)
  • badges (“claim badge” button that appears when it meets certain criteria for a user. Button has trebuchet action to ultimately result in a comma separated list of emails that have claimed that badge).

Mind you, the trebuchet method is really just a way to save rows. It is NOT an improvement functionally over adding rows to a new table and then creating a multiple relation to that table. However, the benefit to the trebuchet is that it requires ZERO additional rows.


yes, absolutely.
And that can make a HUGE difference. If I had used the traditional method for my Global Announcements, that would have meant up to 600 rows per announcement. With trebuchet, it’s only one row per announcement.

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