List of items in single cell


How can I show a list of items within a cell as such in the App?

@citation Not sure what your use of wanting a list inside a single cell is, but if you formatted the list of items in Markdown you would use a RichText component in the App to display it. I use that technique in one of my apps to show who is coming to an event and if they have paid or not. I blocked out the names for privacy.

Hey George_B, thanks so much. that worked. just one follow up question; how do you get the Rich Text field to have a Label? “Attendees” in your case.

It’s part of the markdown, the Title of the table. If this worked for you please mark it as the Solution, thanks.

|Attendees| Num 
| Last, Peggy & Jim | 2 | 
| Smith, Bill | 2 | 
| Jones , Edythe  | 1 | 
|Total Attending|5|
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@George_B And is there a way to make google sheets build this table dynamically? Like, instead of “Smith, Bill”, make it fetch the text in cell A2?

For a short list I would say yes, but for long ones it would be a little messy at best. I am building the list shown in the picture in a script. The list actually is coming from a spreadsheet attached to a Google Form. It is a listing of who signed up for a given event, and shows in the calendar in the details for that event. So the names are coming from a sheet, but the actual building of the string of data is done in a script while looping through the rows on the sheet.

I have done this at a dynamic level. Without getting too technical, I have lessons that a coach enters in the app. Based on user input, I figure out the amount to bill for that lesson into a column. Then I build another column that joins together into from other columns and adds the piping for a single row of a markdown table. This is essentially one row that will be part of a markdown in another sheet. That sheet is an invoice. Using formulas and intermediate sheets with a query built in, I can gather all the lessons for each student within a date range and create an invoice that’s displayed in the rich text component. Like @George_B said, it can get extremely messy. My example might be overly complicated, but hopefully it gives you ideas.

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I use Table chart to display tabular data dynamically.Table%20Chart

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thanks, @Jeff_Hager! actually, i experimented a bit and managed to do what i wanted. i’ll check your sheet, i’m sure i’ll learn something new! i had never delved into markdown, it’s an amazing new world to me, like magic! :slightly_smiling_face:

@Ralf … Can you please let us know on how to create a Table Chart?
Also, does the changes in values reflect immediately in the chart or does it take some time?

Table Chart is a Google Sheet Chart which you can find at bottom of the Chart menu.

It should update immediately if you put this at the end of the URL &data=DataThatChangesWhenChartChanges

Here is a link to a financial app with real time data from GOOGLEFINANCE where I extensively use Table Charts and other Google Charts.


Thats awesome! Thanks a lot @Ralf for this tip!! :slightly_smiling_face::+1::ok_hand: