Column Layout

Would love a layout style that mimicked a spreadsheet. The direct issue I’m running into is I have so many lists with quantities I am trying to make, but with the current layout styles this is the best I can do…The numbers are too small and are make it harder to read with good flow. Even if the Image could be replaced with text it would work in the List view.

Have you explored markdown tables? Using markdown formatting, you can dynamically create a grid style layout in a single column in your sheet. Then you can display it in the Rich Text component.

I haven’t explored markdown much, but just taking a quick look at it, especially putting it in the rich text view, it doesn’t seem like you can click on any of the items to edit them. It’s just for display purposes only. Would love a column view with the ability to click on items, edit them, add more, etc.

The markdown is definitely a good workaround for some instances, but I think it still lacks some of the functionality I’m looking for.

No you cannot edit the contents of a markdown table. It is just for display purposes. I can’t think of an alternative solution for what you are looking for.

Appreciate all your help. I did just come up with one other idea that might work, it would be to use the Concatenate function to combine two cells of information into one cell. Use that combined data cell for display purposes only and allow users to edit the other cells. At least I could show multiple pieces of dat and still keep them distinct at the same time.

It’s not really perfect. Still think a column display view would be a pretty good view to offer, but this is an okay workaround for now.

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Luckily I just read another thread you had posted in! Found the template column and made a template for combined view.

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