Linking with google sheet problem

I have added a new sheet in my google sheets linked to my app and it appears in the list of Tables
However it is only showing 7 rows of data (should be 600+) although there are 10 rows in the app table with Row ID.
Every line in the Google sheet has a Row ID
It appears to be some sort of linking problem, I have pressed the manual sync but makes no difference.

Which type of plan are you subscribed to?

Hi Jeff
Starter Team

Can you clarify this a little bit? Is it pulling in 7 or 10 rows from the google sheet?

So you’ve added a RowID column and glide did populate it for all of your 600+ rows?

Have you done a full browser refresh or closed and reopened the browser? Have you attempted to clear your browser cache yet?

It showed 10 rows, 7 with data
I then added a row ID column then it showed 10 rows of data.

All the (600+) rows on the Google sheet have a row ID but only the first 10 rows show in Glide

It’s late evening here now so I’ll do a refresh in the morning

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OK. Now I understand. I would try the refresh first. Otherwise, it sounds like a bug. It’s been awhile, but I think there have been others with a similar issue. I had a similar problem with one of my Pages projects that I originally created in the My Apps folder with old limits. I was in fact over my row limit, but I moved it to a new team folder with bigger limits and had the same problem. It eventually cleared up itself, so I’m not sure what the issue was.

If you still end up having problems, then you may want to submit a support ticket.


Hi Jeff
I have reported the Data table issue (10 lines only ) and it is being investigated - I hope that a solution can be found soon…
It has happened to more than one of my Google sheets one of which has 664 lines and in Glide it is only showing 253!

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